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A working-man’s adopted daughter dreams of being more in this world. This inhospitable world. This savage, torn and brutalized world. In these, her travels, she will feast on the vile natures of beast and men, on the schemes of witless charlatans, as a Head-Hunter in the service of Kings.
Though this daughter is plagued with memories of simpler times and sweeter desires; she longs for answers to her curiosities and lusts for the depth of knowledge. She pines for adventure and craves the glory of victory.
She is Jayed Malphaestah Cashtiel…The Shamed Queen…and in the pursuit of all things worldly, she will be met with a darker more primeval truth.

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Autumn 2017

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Winter 2017

Audible versions coming as soon as edits are done.

There is also a Patreon sponsored D&D 5e Campaign Sourcebook posting to this site.  Should you grow need to play inside my world 🙂


Literally, a Jill-of-all-Trades, Nikole McDonald-Jones is a lover of the story. Most of her professions finds her telling a story of some kind. She is a passionate artist and creator, a devout seeker of truths, and a dedicated perfectionist.
Currently, you’ll find her crafting tales in novel form & small books of macabre poetry, creating comic serials & one-shots, and lending her voice to games, short films & ad spots.