Welcome to the freshly trimmed home of Spooni’s Artwork.  Only the pertinent and best of my arts and works are displayed.  It’s slim, trim and to the point.  Thank you for visiting and do enjoy what I’ve prepared.


While I work primarily through my Patreon, I do still take Commissions for ONLY Character Art…$40ea.
While most of everything I do is commercial and SFW, if you’d like anything off the beaten path, feel free to make out a request with your order Here.

Only SFW requests will be featured on my CommisSunday Twitch Streams.

The Comic

I work on only one personal comic now.  Among everything else I force into my schedule, I love this one the most; I’d honestly consider it my masterpiece as it has been the driving force behind all my artistic developments.  It is an ongoing Creator-Owned Urban Fantasy series called ~FullArmour~ that I later compile into TPBs.  It was born in August of 1998 and I’ve worked on it off and on throughout the years.  For now Enjoy the seemless read on ComicFury.

Love & Friendship

Hello, call me Spooni*.  Those who find my art and want to offer virtual hugs do so via my Patreon.  I work regularly so I post regularly and I work hard to make all worth your while.  Consider becoming a Patron and join my little cuddle puddle.

I game hard.  So, those who wish to watch me lose my incomprehensible $*&%! do so via my Twitch.  🙂  Have a cup of tea and a laugh; after all…Everyone needs at least one a day.